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1. Individual Courses - Title IX University Core Curriculum (Higher Education)

Title IX Advisor (Higher Ed.) (IND-TIXHE005)

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The new Title IX regulations provide that a complainant and respondent are entitled to a University/School District provided advisor, without fee or charge, in a live hearing in order to conduct cross-examination. Although the regulations do not require training for advisors, training is highly recommended on their role and function. This course include the roles of all University administrators in a Title IX process, an overview of Title IX investigations and hearings under the new regulations, and specific considerations on the role of the advisor.

Approximate Course Length: 60 minutes

Please note: This course provides instructions for posting the content for inspection within the course downloads. This is the only mechanism allowed for posting of the material.
  • Lesson 1: Intro and Overview
  • Lesson 2: Sexual Harassment and Scope of Program or Activity
  • Lesson 3: Title iX Process - Generally and Investigations
  • Lesson 4: Title IX Process Hearing and Appeals
  • Lesson 5: Role of Advisor
  • Lesson 6: Hearing Questioning and Unique Circumstances - Part 1
  • Hypothetical Questions
  • Lesson 6: Hearing Questioning and Unique Circumstances - Part 2
  • Lesson 7: Wrap Up
  • Title IX Advisor Assessment
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year