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1. Individual Courses - Title IX University Core Curriculum (K-12)

Title IX Appellate Decision-Makers (K-12) (IND-TIXK12004)

This course requires the purchase and completion of the Title IX U K-12 Basics course. Please purchase and complete that course (within one year) before purchasing this course.

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Appellate decision-makers in the Title IX grievance process must be trained under the new regulations, whether they are reviewing dismissals of Formal Complaints or Determinations. The sessions include the definitions of sexual harassment and program/activity, how to serve impartially in the role, the general Title IX process as prescribed under the new regulations, grounds for appeal under the new regulations, what constitutes the “record” and a review of an appeal, and more. Training will include all required matters under the Title IX regulations. The training will incorporate compliance aids and resources to assist with learning.

Approximate Course Length: 90 minutes

Please note: This course provides instructions for posting the content for inspection within the course downloads. This is the only mechanism allowed for posting of the material.
  • Lesson 1: Introduction and Overview
  • Lesson 2: Sexual Harassment and Scope of Program and Activity
  • Lesson 3: Title IX Process and Serving Impartially
  • Lesson 4: Your Role as an Appellate Decision Maker
  • Lesson 5: Wrap Up
  • Title IX Appellate Decision-Makers Assessment
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year